PayPal Goods & Services (G&S) or Friends & Family(G&S), Know the difference.

What is PayPal?


PayPal is the world’s most popular and largest online payment processing service. PayPal is the safest and most simplest way for you to buy and sell anything online. Signing up and using PayPal is easy and free. If you want to be part of the Rae Dunn buy & sell world it’s highly recommended.
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Sending and receiving money.

PayPal offers two ways of sending and receiving money online. You can use the friends and family payment method (F&F) or the goods and services (G&S) payment method. When buying, selling & trading I urge you to ONLY use the Goods and Services payment method. I recommend G&S for many reasons but most of all as a buyer and seller you’re protected from scams.

What Is Friends and Family F&S.

The PayPal F&F payment method should only be used when sending payment to a friend or family member. Sending payment this way means you trust who you’re sending money to. If you use friends and family payment for buying, selling or trading you have no guarantee of getting your products or your money back.
Some sellers might ask you to send friends and family payment so they can avoid the PayPal fees. I’m telling you the odd’s of it being a scam are EXTREMELY high and your transaction is not protected! Ask the seller to include the PayPal fee in the buying price. Above all, don’t trade your piece of mind to save a dollar.
Major take: DO NOT USE F&F to buy and sell.

What Is PayPal Goods and Services G&S

Using PayPal goods and services is your best bet when buying, selling and trading online. As I mentioned earlier there is a fee on G&S transactions burdened to the seller, not the buyer. In many instances the seller might ask you to pay for that fee which is a common practice and justified.
Using PayPal’s goods and services payment method is your best bet and above all it offers you buyer protection. You’re covered if the seller sends you the wrong item or never sends it at all. PayPal guarantees you a refund on the cost plus the shipping fee you paid.
Read the full details of PayPals buyer protection here

Don’t Be A Turd and Abuse The PayPal Protection

PayPal buyers protection should be your last resort. First contact the seller and find out what happened. Your problem could have been a mistake and could be fixed! I sometimes make mistakes too by sending the wrong item.
If your product arrives damaged it’s not the sellers fault. Again contact the seller first and then proceed onto a claim with the postal carrier. Almost all shipments are insured up to $50 USD. If you’re purchase is above $50 be sure to ask for extra insurance (you’ll have to pay). Extra insurance should only cost you a dollar more.

Abusing and Misusing The Buyer Protection

If you make too many claims they can and will freeze your account. In other words, claims against a seller should only be made if you can’t reach a solution. Also know, these claims are negative on a sellers account and can hurt their reputation. Same goes for a buyer! For instance, making too many claims can result in your account being frozen and flagged. In conclusion, if you have a flagged account many sellers will not sell to you.
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