Be A Smart Buyer, Don’t Get Scammed!

Be A Smart Buyer, Don’t Get Scammed!

There are so many sellers in the Rae Dunn community and I fully support buying from them. Truth be told I find my Rae Dunn the same way everyone else does. Therefore, chances are I won’t have everything you’re looking for! If your looking at buying from another buyer online follow these 4 steps to make sure your purchasing safely.


1. Be A Smart Buyer and Look For the Name & Date Tag.

smart buyer tag

In most or all of the buy, sell and trade Facebook groups a seller is required to post a name tag & date with the products they’re selling. Before buying always look for this tag. It could be hand written or printed. However, sometimes I’m guilty of leaving the date out when I have to constantly take photos every day! But be sure the name is there, and if you suspect a scam ask the buyer to retake the photo with their name and today’s date.


2. Use PayPal’s Good’s and Services Payment Method ONLY.

PayPal goods and services method provides you with buyer protection. I have a whole blog post about PayPal’s different payment methods and why you should always use Goods & Services. Read that blog post now here.


3. Always Look At The Photos Background in FB Groups.

99% of the time your trusted seller will be using the same background to take photos when posting UFS in the Facebook groups. Some times they might have different backgrounds. For instance, outdoors in a garden or somewhere else to showcase their Rae Dunn pieces UFS. With that being said, that won’t be the case for every photo. Scammers typically find photos online from Mercari, Depop, Google, Instagram and other places abundant with Rae Dunn. In conclusion, check the background and ask for another name tag with a current date!


See my photos as an example. I like to change up the background to prevent my older in stock items being used for scams.











4. Buy From Trusted Sellers and Sources & Join Buyer Beware

Using app’s like Mercari or Depop to make your purchases is always a good idea. These app’s have you covered in the event of a scam or other issues you might come across. Also, if you see a seller always posting it’s likely that they are a trusted seller. If your unsure about someone go to the Rae Dunn Buyer Beware group and see if they are posted in there. Therefore, it’s always good to brush up with that group from time to time.


In conclusion, look for the signs that someone might be a scammer. If your unsure check the buyer beware Facebook group and contact an Admin or Moderator to look into it!

If you feel like I’m missing something in this post please let me know by leaving a comment below. As always, show your support by sharing my blog posts!

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