Rae Dunn Abbreviations for Newbies!

A big thanks to everyone in the Rae Dunn Addicts B/S/T Buy Sale Trade Facebook group for helping me complete this list.
I’ve put together a list for everyone trying to make sense of the Rae Dunn abbreviations. The list includes abbreviations for Rae Dunn unique items, selling, buying and more! If I missed something send me a DM and let me know! The list is in alphabetical order!

BH Bird house
CTS Coffee/Tea/Sugar
DEPOP a peer-to-peer social shopping app
DISO Desperately in search of
DM Direct message
FTO For trade only
HH Happy Halloween
HTF Hard to find
IN THE WILD Found at store/on the shelf
ISO In search of
IWULT I woke up like this
LL Large Letters
MERCARI A peer-to-peer selling and buying app
NFS Not for sale
NFT Not for trade
NIL Next in line
NMP Not my picture
OG Original release
PM Private message
PP Pay Pal
RD Rae Dunn
SKF Spoon Fork Knife
TOT trick or treat (Halloween items)
TSD Toss, stir, dash
UFS Up for sale
UFT Up for trade
UNICORN 🦄 An illusive Rae Dunn item that someone really wants for their collection
VHTF Very hard to find
YAMS You Are My Sunshine

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6 thoughts on “Rae Dunn Abbreviations for Newbies!

  1. Raymondutide says:

    Shipping is where reselling Rae Dunn went sideways for me because I lost money on every sale. Sure, USPS offers flat rate shipping boxes but the sizes don t really work for most Rae Dunn items. Trying to calculate shipping costs via USPS, eBay and Paypal were alway a fail for me. Instead of making a million dollars reselling, I was maybe making a couple bucks on each item sold after shipping costs and materials to ensure the item isn t broken in transit.

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