Selling on HolyDunn

What can I sell on HolyDunn?

HolyDunn is a Rae Dunn marketplace. You are only allowed to sell Rae Dunn on the marketplace.

Side Note*

We will be approving some sellers for Rae Dunn Inspired decor, decals and etc but, these products are not allowed without prior approval.


Listings are free. A flat 6% selling fee is only charged when the sale completes.

Sales are in the listing details.

Your details say it all. For your chance of having higher sales on your Rae Dunn you should always make sure you follow these simple rules.


  1. Photos – Good quality photos go a long way. The more photos you add to a gallery the higher your chances are of making a sale.
  2. Product Description – Describe what type of Rae Dunn you’re selling. Let the buyer know about any imperfections or flaws. Include everything from color, size, item type. If your product has any undisclosed major flaws the buyer will be refunded their money and you (the seller) will be responsible to pay for return shipping if you want your item back.
  3. Price – Look at the marketplace and see if what you’re trying to sell is there. Don’t try and undercut other sellers. Instead price it for the same price but make your photos and description pop.
  4. Weight – Be sure to enter the proper product weight for the system to generate the shipping label. If a customer receives a package and has to pay for extra weight you will be liable for the difference the customer paid.

Example Listing Description We Recommend You Use:


Add it to your Rae Dunn collection or use it every day! This is a new Rae Dunn Buenos Dias mug. Rae Dunn mugs have a unique look and are perfect for anyone in love with the farmhouse style! If you’re new to buying or collecting Rae Dunn please note that each piece might come with it’s own unique flaw or imperfection which is normal. These flaws can come in the form of ink stains, ink blots on the letters, tiny pinholes and more. Any major flaws will be detailed below.


  • Flaws: None
  • Food, dishwasher and microwave-safe. *May get hot in microwave
  • Roughly 3.5”W x 5.25”L x 4.5”H each
  • Large Letters Buenos Dias engraving


If your product has any undisclosed major flaws the buyer will be refunded their money and you (the seller) will be responsible to pay for return shipping if you want your item back. To prevent this from happening post as many photos as you can and be sure to disclose major flaws.

Shipping & Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels


How do I get my shipping label?

HolyDunn will generate and create a shipping label via the USPS. These shipping labels will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the sale.


Key benefits of shipping with the HolyDunn

To pass on our commercial account savings and increase your chances of making a sale all shipping labels are done by HolyDunn. We offer flat-fee shipping for all 50 states. All HolyDunn labels are insured by the United States Postal Service (USPS).



Ship Your Package

Ship on your own

Once you have the shipping label please package your Rae Dunn with care and drop it off at your local USPS store.

Package the item with care so it arrives safely. Attach the shipping label.
Ship within 3 business days using a valid tracking number.
Confirm your shipment in the dashboard..

  • Experiencing a delay? Let the buyer know via a transaction message. The buyer can cancel this transaction if the item is not shipped on time.

Please note that buyers can report your selling account. To protect the marketplace if your account gets reported to many times we will suspend your account.

Getting Paid

How do I get paid?

Once the carrier informs us that the package has been delivered:

The buyer has 3 days to confirm the item is as specified and provide a rating. If the buyer hasn’t submitted a rating after 2 days, we’ll send them a reminder. And if the buyer doesn’t rate you after 3 days, we’ll give you a rating so you can get paid.
Funds are added to your balance. You can request a withdraw to your PayPal or bank account in the sellers dashboard under the Get Paid tab.
If there is an open claim on your package you’ll have to wait until the claim is resolved for you to pull out your funds.