The New HolyDunn

We are making some changes.

Thanks to you our business is growing. will now focus on birdhouse designs. We are excited to release new colors & designs every month and for every holiday. Our hand made, crafted, painted and hand designed birdhouses are a hit. Due to the increase in popularity we need to make some changes to accommodate you!

Gignerbread 01

Changes are coming
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limited editions

Limited Releases

All of our birdhouses will be limited releases.

It takes time to hand make each piece to perfection. Therefore instead of focusing on mass produced pieces we will only be releasing our designs in limited quantities.


Wait Lists Are Here

First come first serve.

Most custom products will now have a wait list. Joining the wait list is easy and doesn’t require any up-front payment. You can join the wait list for a product on the specific product page and decided if you still want it once it’s in stock. Don’t forget products will be limited so act quick if you really want it!

*Makesure you add emails to your trusted sources so the emails don’t get blocked or go to spam.

Pre-Orders & In Stock

We’ll still have certain pre-order & in stock.

We’ll still be getting blank birdhouses for pre-ordering and regular purchasing (when in stock). We are doing our absolute best to get lot’s of solid color blanks in so you don’t have to wait.