Who is Rae Dunn? Potter, Artist & Dog Lover

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Everyone Wants To Know: Who is Rae Dunn?

Spend some time scrolling through farmhouse style Facebook groups, Pinterest, DIY blogs or Instagram and you’ll be wondering who is Rae Dunn? Her  pottery has become a massive craze over the last few years. A craze that continues to grow.

There are mugs for every holiday, birdhouses used for displaying, kitchen canisters of different colors and even car air fresheners. Her pottery is known for its signature Large Letter (LL) font and a imperfect farmhouse style.

Women (and men) are going nuts “hunting” for her pottery they can use daily or in their displays. Her ceramics are sold in only 3 retailers which makes it a unique brand. Due to the limited stores that carry these pieces, they become scarce and have grown a massive re-sale market. We even run one of the largest buy, sell and trade Facebook Groups.

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Who is Rae Dunn ?

Background & Following

Rae Dunn is an established artist based in the Bay Area of Berkely, California. Her artwork, ceramics, and books reached fans all across the world. The hype around her products depicts her popularity.

She’s been passionate about clay since the 1990s. She had a good following of die-hard collectors but, it wasn’t until the last few years her work became mainstream.

Pottery Influence

Do a quick search and you’ll find her on Instagram. It clear through her daily sketch bosting that she loves art. Her pottery is influenced by the Japanese aesthetic called wabi-sabi.

Wabi-sabi aesthetics is often described as finding beauty in something imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. That’s why you always see Rae Dunn for sale with a disclaimer “There may be minor imperfections”.

From the source herself – “I don’t strive for perfection in line and form in my work, because for me the balance I’m trying to achieve can’t be represented that way”. -R.D

Let's Not Forget About Wilma

If you’re searching for her online you’ll always find her next to a trusty sidekick named Wilma. Rae Dunn often describes her companion as a teacher and a muse. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll see Rae Dunn often posts photos of Wilma.

Wilma also has her own Instagram called Wilma’s world the book. You see Wilma is always caught in a candid shot enjoying her pup life. It’s safe to say Wilma’s like is 100 times more exciting than mine.


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